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Got a question? Get it answered here.

Q: When my freight arrives at the Convention Center, how do I ensure that it will be placed in my booth?
A: Fill out the information on your Exhibitor Service and Rental Order Form under “Freight and Handling.” There is a fee per 100 pounds of freight delivered to the building. That fee covers:

  1. Signing for your freight.
  2. Placing your freight into storage and/or into your booth.
  3. Storing your empty boxes.
  4. Returning your empty boxes to your booth for move-out.
  5. Making sure that your freight gets on the truck.

As the vendor, you are responsible for labeling your boxes and/or freight with your company name, booth number and show in which you are participating. You are also responsible for making all pick-up arrangements and providing the Exhibitor Service Department with your company name, the name of the freight carrier you wish to use, and the number of pieces you need picked up. Please note that freight will not be accepted more than 7 days prior to your event dates.

Q: During what hours will the Convention Center accept freight?
A: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday-Friday

Q: Will I need to order extra electrical service?
A: Each 10’x10’ or 8’x10’ booth is provided with one-110v/500w outlet. If you need more, check the Exhibitor Service and Rental Order Form for specs and prices.

Q: What size tables does the Convention Center have?
A: We have four different table sizes, as listed below. Each is 30” high, but can be elevated to 42” high for an additional fee.

  1. 24”x4’
  2. 18”x6’
  3. 24”x6’
  4. 30”x6’

Q: What color table skirts does the Convention Center have?

A: Black, blue, gold, red and white.

Q: What color booth carpet does the Convention Center have?
A: Blue, gold and red.

Q: Do you have an in-house manpower service?
A: Yes. Please note that your company must provide a representative at the time service is provided. Our staff can only assist in the set-up. See the Exhibitor Service and Rental Order Form for pricing, and to arrange an approximate time. Your representative must see the Exhibitor Service Department to arrange a specific time.

Q: Do you have wireless Internet service available?
A: Yes. Laptop computers must have an internal wireless card or have an external card installed. Most computers should be able to detect the hotspot automatically. If your computer detects multiple networks, select “OCCC wireless” to connect with your desired access point.

Q: How much does wireless Internet service cost?
A: There’s no charge for wireless Internet service.

Q: Do you have any carts or dollies available?
A: No, please feel free to bring your own.

Q: Do you have water hook-up available?
A: Yes, but only in Exhibit Hall A/B.